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Machinery and Technical Specialties (MTS) appraisers perform cost surveys and appraisals of general machinery and equipment, plants and facilities.

Most MTS appraisers are accredited in the Machinery and Equipment (M&E) specialty. M&E appraisers evaluate industrial properties, machine shops, refineries, hospitals, communications facilities, transportation equipment, process facilities, construction equipment, office machines, such as computers, copiers and word processors, and the entire contents of buildings.

MTS appraisers perform USPAP-compliant surveys and/or appraisals to determine current, future and residual values, various types of liquidation value, including tangible and intangible values, and to establish loss or damage. MTS appraisals are used for sales, mergers, acquisitions, estates, ad valorem taxes, eminent domain (condemnation), tax certiorari, collateralization, insurance, residual forecasting and rate case studies.

Most ASA-accredited MTS appraisers accept assignments throughout the United States and overseas as well, often collaborating with appraisers in other disciplines and specialties.

MTS appraisers may also be qualified in one or more of the following specialties: agricultural chattels, aircraft, arboriculture, computers and high-tech personal property, cost surveys, industrials, machinery and equipment, marine survey, mines and quarries, oil and gas, or public utilities.